About Moi

Why hello there, I can see you’re after a little bit of behind the scenes info, and you’ve come to the right place!

So as you can probably tell from the blog, I am style obsessed, opinionated, and very set in my ways according to trends, and style which I think is fabulous as I won’t look like everyone else on the street.

My style has evolved over the past few years, travelling gave me access to some amazing shops, especially vintage. Now, my job allows me to wear whatever I want, and wear the craziest stuff if I feel like it. E.g. My boss has a purple suit he wears with pink shoes.

One of my main rules for my style and shopping is I will only buy it if I LOVE it. This is the best advice, I constantly remind myself this when I’m considering a purchase. It helps you keep your personal style in check and to really enjoy what you wear.

These days I’m a graphic Designer in Melbourne, and I’m lucky enough to work at a super cool advertising/design agency called The Royals. I’d say this is most likely where my obsession with colour and details comes from, in all aspects of life, not just my style.

If you want to keep up with my visual meanderings, follow me on Instagram: megankfowler