A Royal Day Out

Wow, it’s been a while guys. Things really got away from me there. I’ve had this post saved up for a few months, but waited for the final, pièce de rèsistance to be completed, it was well worth the wait.

This seems like a strange post, as it should be. I work for an advertising/digital agency called The Royals. We’ve been expanding this year so the directors decided to do a photoshoot, with the brief ‘old school with a weird twist, think Royal Tenenbaums’. As ya do.

I got so excited thinking of all the possibilities! Initially, I really wanted a houndstooth suit and I spent a couple of weekends hunting through Melbourne’s vintage offerings. I only gave up the pursuit when I came across a pair of magnificent lagoon blue pants and I knew in my heart of hearts the hunt was over.

My first thought: monotone.

I’ve also been asked for posts on guys fashion, so figured this was a great opportunity to showcase some interesting, but smart wares.


Kenny and Giovanni, our Italian, both looking very slick albeit slightly school boy-ish.
I feel the accent really propels the look ten-fold, non?
Cute trouser cuffs, G.



You wouldn’t actually believe how hard it was to hunt down a blue blazer! Seriously. I was being such a perfectionist, spent a good week trying to match the shades to be properly monotone. The stupid part was, I actually have the exact, EXACT same shade in a top that I forgot I had.


(birthday outfit, things got weird slash I got over excited).


Claire really took out the prize for accessories. Brought the crazy…
Nailed it girl.


Nick, our Creative Director. The photosoot was his vision, as were 90% of the mens clothes worn in the shoot – who needs a stylist when you’ve got his wardrobe. Nick’s known to wear gold, pink, and turquoise blazers, and even owns silver and purple suits. My idol.

Big fan of the classic houndstooth waist-coat with the lime tie, adds a modern twist.


Andrew relishes any opportunity to don a cravat. Suave through and through Mr Siwka.
Really workin’ the pattern on pattern too. Maybe just adjust your lapel a tad.


Steve-o with a bit of 20s vibes, Boardwalk Empire in real life.
Key – getting a suit that is tailored to your size. Nothing worse than an ill-fitting suit lads. That’s not going to win any deals or any hearts.


It’s all in the detail, they do say ‘you are what’s on your feet’.
I’ve unfortunately only just started adhering to this… I just get so distracted by all the bright, beautiful clothes and fabrics that I can’t see what’s on my feet. No more I say.




The Gentlemans Club.
Rich (centre) owning the tone-on-tone shirt blazer combo, how beautiful is that red velvet? (One of Nicks, of course).
Yes, those are pyjama pants.


The ladies of The Royals.
That is also a full tiger print jumpsuit that Renae (second right) had lying in her wardrobe. This was also her third day on the job.
Interesting introduction.


The Royals, class of 2014.

M x