Shop me smart


I’ve been considering my shopping habits in the last, oh say lifetime, but really more like the past week.

Firstly, do you shop to fill a need? Do you shop to fill a want? Do you shop just because it’s an activity you can do both indoors and outdoors and, now heres the best part, claim it as exercise? Or because you get carried away on Asos and end up spending $600 without breaking a sweat.

Secondly, do you you plan what you’re going to buy? Do you buy stuff then have to buy more stuff to match it with the former stuff? Do you consider how practical your purchase is going to be? Or do you just buy all the pretty things?

Thirdly, who can recommend a good credit card?



đŸ˜‰ only joking… or am I.



monoooootone me please. (my clothes, not me)

This outfit took some bloody great planning (or it all came from the same shop). It’s particularly hard to find matching tones if you’re looking for a colour that isn’t ‘on-trend’, believe me, I’ve spent the past 5 days trying to source matching blues (Watch this space). So even though I don’t really like what she is wearing, or her accessories that is some commendable tone-on-tone-ing.

Now I would say my shopping habits have drastically changed in the last year. Basically because there’s actually good stuff to buy in Melbourne. Sorry Wellington (although, you have some great vintage).

My problem with shopping is that I dream an outfit up, and start hunting for the pieces. Not so smart when these said pieces don’t actually exist in my price range.  Case in point:



Mira Duma




I went on a tri-suburb vintage hunt last weekend, and alas, nothing. I came close with one jacket, but why buy the camera without the lens? The pants are the yin to the jackets yang. It needs to be a matching pair, because there’s no way I’m going to be able to match houndstooth patterns.

So Winter/Autumn or whatever it is you like to call yourself, has finally happened. and i’m like whaaaat! Rain? How dare you!

I actually find it hard to just buy sensible items, like because it’s nearly May and I’m cold, I need a versatile jumper, water proof shoes, and more pants – goodbye my darling shorts. But seriously, I have like 2 pairs of waterproof shoes, one I don’t like, and the other has heel cut-outs.

Now it’s not because I’m purposely trying to be difficult, (maybe I am) but because I don’t really have a large disposable income and I want to wear the pretty things, not the practical things. Boooring. My last purchase was a pair of brilliant blue high-waisted pants SPOILER for the next post. However, I was also a little smart last weekend and got a warm jumper – believe me I tried buying many a brightly coloured top,  but the only item in the shop that looked good was this damn creamy woollen jumper. It’s destiny I tell you. And while were on this topic of practical items, just the other day I was chatting to my mother about how I needed a trenchcoat (cute and practical, am i right?), she suggested the Salvation Army and just two days later, cycling home from a delicious mexican lunch date (fish tacos of course)  I found myself outside the local salvos. I go inside, and what do I leave with? None other than a fantastic black, size 8 trenchcoat, for the thrifty price of $10! Right item, size and price – I think the planets are telling me to stop buying such fantastic impractical items. Never, never I say! (okay, maybe one day).


, Christian Dior

Maybe this trench is a tad nicer than mine…


How do you guys shop? Does it just cosmically happen and one day, boom! You’ve got 20 great outfits because you actually buy things that match? Do you give yourself a budget each season and buy what you need? Or do you spend all of your lunch money on that sexy bag or gold pair of shoes? I’ll be the one eating 2 min noodles all weekend… (I thought I left uni).


M x