I’m going to Strawberry Fields

You know when you have one of those moments when you’re just like ‘fuck it, lets dooo it!’, well I had one of those at approximately 3pm Saturday afternoon.

That brilliant thought of mine, was to drastically dye my hair. I’d been a little bored of my current style, but was still enjoying the cut – so where to from here?


Most recent hair – taken 6 months ago 

I’d wanted to dye my hair like Joan from Mad Men for about three years. I was overseas at the time and a little too broke. When I got home my boyfriend at the time really didn’t want me to do it so I went with my second option (wtf…totally not like me #younglove), a much more demure subtle ombre style, which I totally didn’t rock.


I managed to sign up a couple of helpful (and way more informed)  friends, as i’m absolute rubbish when it comes to dying hair FYI don’t ask me to help, I look like i’ve gone through one of those army training camps when they make you crawl through mud.
Yeah it’s not sexy.

I decided to document the process for you guys and for a quality highlights reel (see what I did there… did ya )


Let the games begin!

My wonderful assistants, Bex and Polly. Please don’t be distracted by the fabulous flowing blonde locks behind me,
the beauty is about to begin…


… Almost…. 

My roots we’re havin’ a party and the ends weren’t invited. Poor guys.


… But not quite….

Bleach round 1.

It was an arduous process. Due to my many many previous accidental black dye jobs, I have a lot of build up in my ends.
Don’t mind the mess, or the über delicious hair.


And… now... man those are some gorgeous goldilocks ha

Bleach job 2.

Think I should have left it at 1 bleach.


Polly workin’ her magic

Finally the red got to join in. It looks dark right, I was worried it was going to take too much and go too dark… Oh how wrong I was !
2 more packs of dye later… this included 3 trips to the store and one late night ride to get more dye haha.
we have a (nearly) finished product.

Ta da…



Think of all the fabulous colour combinations I can wear with this shade! Purples, greens, navy’s, and black again! Ahhh 🙂

It’s nearly the colour I want, the ends need another lot of dye, and in more of an auburn tone but it needs a little recuperation time before that happens. All n’ all i’m pretty happy, it will take some getting used to and my hair is going to be in an absolute shambles for many many months to come but you know what. YOLO.

ha sorry had to say it.


Before & After pics by Sarah Pannell and that sweet close up of the red dye, yea that was my handywork.