Colour me Pretty

Colour, oh how it get’s me. Bold, overwhelming, random, blocked, patterned or just an accentuation. It doesn’t matter how it’s served, I’ll always have a slice.

When putting together an outfit, the first item I think of is: What colour do I feel like today? I’ve got two wardrobes, one for work and one for play, which funnily enough is mostly dressier than my work clothing. (I’ve got this thing for pencil skirts I just can’t shake.) However, I have been known to wear a full mustard skirt suit to work before.

I often wear a statement piece with a classic white top, as I have this strange fascination with colourful and patterned bottom halves. I alway have. I remember my first Zara skirt that started it all when I was 19… I do match colour on colour, and patterns with colours, they just take more planning, and more considered shopping. I have this sweet tartan skirt that I posted about here that I’ve been looking to match with the bright turquoise running through it. It’s taken me 3 months but I’ve finally found a match, and she’s a gem… did ya see what i did there…. 😉 It couldn’t just be any top after all. Style = persistence.

Most of the time we just need a little inspiration to get our palettes excited, it can come in any way shape or form but isn’t it nice when it’s handed out on a platter?


Rocksanda Llincic, Miro Duma in Stella McCartney, Ulyana Seergenko


Karen Walker eyewear, Visible campaign


Miro Duma, Valentino pre-fall 14, and… there’s my gal again, Miro Duma


Image from Black Magazine: BlackLog


Altuzarra, lp333, Image via The Satorialist


My ladies in red… Images via The Satorialist


Miles Aldridge, for Vogue Italia 07

Love M