What are you wearing this season?

With the Christmas and festival season eminently on our doorstep I’ve been thinking about what’s not safe for our dignity here in on out known as; nsfd.

We’ve all been there, breaking all the rules, tight skirts, our tops just covering our nipples, AND backless (no that was just moi?).

I call for a revolt against said outfits and applaud you to dress for yourself, not the man you think you want (because c’mon ladies we know that’s what you’re doing…), because men who go after nsfd outfitted girls wont be calling you the next day, or any other day for that matter.

I’m not saying I want to start a movement dressing like Amish women, my hair just wouldn’t cope. But let’s be intelligent with our outfit choices this season. And can we please try to avoid combining digital floral prints with black and white??????? It’s all I ask. (see A)

Don’t let your goodies go jiggling all over the place (see. image C), if you’re successful in landing the desired target, they will want to un wrap you like a present on Christmas morning! (I was totally a peeker, knew about that lime green baby-g days before the 25th, my rebellious streak started early, sorry mum). Not anymore though, am a devout non-present-shaker. Also something to remember, cut-outs happened three years ago, let – it – go.



Now some of you will recognise SFB – Sydney Fashion Blogger in the above images (D). And you’re going to question, isn’t she one of the most stylish women around? In general yes, she does quite well. But please don’t take her word as gospel! She gets sent brands to wear, is paid to be seen in these. She nails it often, but there has been some definite faux-pas. She is often wearing on -trend items which also means she’s going to look like errrrbody else which aint what we want. Sometimes you gotta question the bloggers motives for wearing what they post – do they really like it?

What I want this season (I’m on lunch so this is brief)


A. Gorman Wedges $249, B. Mink Pink Smock Dress $101, C. Daisy Street shoes  $20 (Totally just bought these whilst researching this post, whoops). I think by the time I arrive in Wellington for Christmas i’m going to be walking tinfoil… at least no one will be able to read my thoughts…. haha. But really, if anyone reading this blog is thinking of an xmas pressie…. the Mink Pink dress wouldn’t go amiss hahaha… (hint, mum).

Intagram fave of the month

jasimsewellIf you’ve been following this blog I always post about a favourite ‘grammer I follow for their impeccable style, and Yasmin Sewell has hit the mark of late. Her style is so relaxed yet considered. Great shapes, occasional burst of pattern and colour in an all n’ all cool look. I would love to have her wardrobe… even just for one day!

Safe journey through the Christmas party season…. I want to hear the stories. Because we all know there will be stories.

Peace ya’ll