Where Have You Been. literally.

Wow, where has the time gone! It’s been nearly two months since I last posted and it really feels like it was only a week ago! There is very good reason for this absence however… I may have scored myself a fab new job! I’ve been working there for bang on two months now (See, good reason I told you!). It’s a smallish advertising agency called The Royals, and I’m a designer/creative 🙂 It has a very good scope of work, awesome people and in a great location. Check us out here.

It’s been heating up over here quite a bit of late and this warm weather has me thinking about my summer wardrobe, what colours and what styles? I’m not usually this much of a planner but my work wardrobe now fuses into my casual everyday wear because my clothing description is ‘wear whatever you feel comfortable in’. Ah! Does this include short shorts? Because they’re my summer uniform! I’m guna say proooobably not. Update… It totally does, but without stockings is my next question haha.

My obsession with short shorts includes bright denim, patterns, and I’m still hunting down the perfect gold jacquard pair! I’ll find ’em one day. Definitely on the look out for a new leather pencil skirt, mine is now officially dead and i’m heartbroken. But none of this asymmetrical, triangle cut out business that’s on every girl and her dog atm. No thank you. My shirt collection is always looking for new members, and I’m also going through a soft spot for dressy t-shirts. This is potentially a sin to admit, but I’m kind of over dresses at the moment :O Never thought this day would arrive. I’ve re-directed my interest into cute tops matched with high-waisted jeans, skirts, and high waisted short shorts 🙂

Now this raises an issue, when the short shorts come out, so do the legs. Here in lies my problem. Exercise… We’ve had a pretty testing relationship the past two years and I think it’s time for a truce. It’s salad, berries and lunges time, I’ll report that not one salad has been consumed in the past two weeks (and I’m currently eating an apple & blackberry pie hah) so not going too well so far! The plan is not to lose but to tighten ya know? High waist bikinis are a blessing, but cellulite is not. And not working out since summer caught up to me when I left my retail job. dang.

So even though I’ve been busy, I’ve still been keeping my eye on the prize.


If you’ve read this blog before, or you know my style, you won’t be surprised by these outfits at all.
Mulberry and Saint Laurent have nailed it: both suits are classically tailored, but with personality and how good is that hat. I just love a bit of gold pattern so I couldn’t help myself, it’s set off nicely with the bold lips, I would probably match with a deep aubergine however.


I’m really annoyed that I can’t remember this designer! I searched these images ages ago so if anyone can remember feel free to comment. I love love love this look. Super simple cut but the colours are amazing, especially enjoying the white belt against the rust. Leather skirt is YSL. It’s exactly what I’m looking for, except my legs are potentially a whole thigh shorter so I wont have any issues with modesty haha. Great little ensemble as well, I’d consider wearing a bra though, maybe.

Now the following little lady is a Russian designer who has a fantastic instagram and is my style doppelganger (but with money ya know) ha.
This lady knows how to dress!


Miroslava Duma: @Miraduma

Left pic is a Stella McCartney Summer ’13 dress, uh divine.
Middle, god how good is this colour combo, tres magnifique
Left, perfect cut, colours, shoes (beige shoes are the way to my heart), and hair. Seriously, how good is her hair??

That’s me for now, but there is much more planned to watch this space!