A Royal Day Out

Wow, it’s been a while guys. Things really got away from me there. I’ve had this post saved up for a few months, but waited for the final, pièce de rèsistance to be… Continue reading

Shop me smart

I’ve been considering my shopping habits in the last, oh say lifetime, but really more like the past week. Firstly, do you shop to fill a need? Do you shop to fill a… Continue reading

I’m going to Strawberry Fields

You know when you have one of those moments when you’re just like ‘fuck it, lets dooo it!’, well I had one of those at approximately 3pm Saturday afternoon. That brilliant thought of… Continue reading

Fashion Preview – CHORUS

Living in Melbourne, I am spoilt for choice with local fashion produce. A recent development to this scene is CHORUS, a Collingwood based label that is locally designed and manufactured in Australia. The… Continue reading

You’re (sub)consciously dressing for…?

Do you know what or who you dress for? When you choose your outfit for the day, i’m talking every day events – do you know what defines how you select what you wear? Is… Continue reading

Colour me Pretty

Colour, oh how it get’s me. Bold, overwhelming, random, blocked, patterned or just an accentuation. It doesn’t matter how it’s served, I’ll always have a slice. When putting together an outfit, the first… Continue reading

Well I’ll be blogged

Have you ever found yourself meandering around (average) style blogs? Wondering where the all goods are? I was stuck back in my fresher years, so when a friend passed on a few sites,… Continue reading

Patterns please

My style just happens, I walk into a shop and fall in love, if only relationships were like that right? ha. Today’s outfits are two examples of statement patterns I mix with classic… Continue reading

What are you wearing this season?

With the Christmas and festival season eminently on our doorstep I’ve been thinking about what’s not safe for our dignity here in on out known as; nsfd. We’ve all been there, breaking all… Continue reading

Where Have You Been. literally.

Wow, where has the time gone! It’s been nearly two months since I last posted and it really feels like it was only a week ago! There is very good reason for this… Continue reading